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Write Lady's Blog offers assorted topics (many in the form of personal stories) about communicating. Please contact us if you would like to request a copy of a previously published article that you cannot find online, suggest a subject to cover, or share your views.

Is the Customer Always Right

Is the Customer Always Right

Is “the customer is always right” an outdated principle? While growing up in my parents’...
Will the Welcome Mat Disappear

Will the Welcome Mat Disappear

How often has a friendly sales representative treated you like royalty—until the business had your...
You Asked for It Better

You Never Asked for It

Are you often annoyed or inconvenienced by pointed and/or inappropriate questions? Many would agree that...
A man and boy face to face with one of them smiling.

Games of Engagement

Do you often need to repeat yourself because your so-called listeners completely or partially miss...
A group of young people standing next to each other.

She Never Predicted My Reaction

When have you been most surprised by someones verbal response? Did the individuals words or...
A man in suit and tie holding a laptop.

Insurance 101 for College Students

Have you ever studied risk management? As a marketing major, I took the mandatory college...
A dog laying in the grass looking up at something

The Trick to Conjure More Content

Here's a confession: I did not enjoy writing stories when I was a kid. Why?...
A calculator sitting next to an open notebook.

The Word Count Challenge

Who hasn't been challenged to produce a certain number of written words or to speak...
A person is writing on paper with a marker.

The Properties of Glue

Have you ever witnessed or experienced the degradation of a family, business, or other group...
A little girl is swinging on the swing set.

Left to Their Own Devices

''School's out for summer!'' During my teen years, Alice Cooper's iconic and, yes, rebellious ''School's...
A woman sitting at the table with a man.

When to Interrupt

Is it rude to divert or pause a conversation or presentation by injecting questions or...
A pile of wooden letters on top of each other.

ABCs for Graduates

Did you have a teacher or mentor who imparted wise words of advice that not...
A woman with glasses is reading the newspaper.

Living Under a Rock

Have you ever been accused of living under a rock? The idiom, delivered on a...
A woman laying on the floor in front of a store.

Sounds Like White Noise

Have you ever marveled over someone's overt ability to ignore a disruptive noise that distracted...
A man and woman holding hands on top of a wooden table.

Should You Engage

How do you determine if someone's intentions to engage with you are: to explore a...
A row of markers with different colors on them.

Highlight Your Problems

When have you been positive that you carefully reviewed something you wrote and later spotted...
A letter to santa claus and the north pole.

When Grandma Wrote to Santa

Who speaks on your behalf? A highly self-sufficient individual might say, "I do all my...
A woman standing over a table with food.

The Secret to Service

What is the secret to providing a service that yields utmost satisfaction to recipients? Is...
A pile of candy that is sitting on the ground.

The Vanishing Treats

Did you trick-or-treat as a child?  Whether a fan of Halloween or not, grownups can...
A man standing in front of a waterfall.

The Wonders of Words and Water

What do words and water have in common? Not much? Words are intangible. While the...
A wooden wall with four frames on it.

Whatever She Said

Have you ever caught only a fragment of what someone said but nodded or smiled...
A woman and child walking on the beach

The Essence of Whee

When is the last time you heard someone exclaim whee, pronounced like we with the...
A broken window with shattered glass on the outside.

It Broke

"It broke!" proclaim countless children every single day. Translation: "This thing broke all by itself....
A close up of an audio tape cassette on top of a table.

The Sound of Your Own Voice

Do you like the sound of your own voice? When considering the question in a...
A group of people sitting at a table with cups.

Pouring Words into Pauses

Do you feel uncomfortable when people are gathered for a discussion, and silence descends on...
A cat and dog laying in the grass.

From Barking to Bonding

Cats and dogs are natural foes, right? Why, then, would felines and canines that have...

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