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Write Lady's Blog offers assorted topics (many in the form of personal stories) about communicating. Please contact us if you would like to request a copy of a previously published article that you cannot find online, suggest a subject to cover, or share your views.

A calculator sitting next to an open notebook.

The Word Count Challenge

Who hasn't been challenged to produce a certain number of written words or to speak...
A person is writing on paper with a marker.

The Properties of Glue

Have you ever witnessed or experienced the degradation of a family, business, or other group...
A little girl is swinging on the swing set.

Left to Their Own Devices

''School's out for summer!'' During my teen years, Alice Cooper's iconic and, yes, rebellious ''School's...
A woman sitting at the table with a man.

When to Interrupt

Is it rude to divert or pause a conversation or presentation by injecting questions or...
A pile of wooden letters on top of each other.

ABCs for Graduates

Did you have a teacher or mentor who imparted wise words of advice that not...
A woman with glasses is reading the newspaper.

Living Under a Rock

Have you ever been accused of living under a rock? The idiom, delivered on a...
A woman laying on the floor in front of a store.

Sounds Like White Noise

Have you ever marveled over someone's overt ability to ignore a disruptive noise that distracted...
A man and woman holding hands on top of a wooden table.

Should You Engage

How do you determine if someone's intentions to engage with you are: to explore a...
A row of markers with different colors on them.

Highlight Your Problems

When have you been positive that you carefully reviewed something you wrote and later spotted...
A letter to santa claus and the north pole.

When Grandma Wrote to Santa

Who speaks on your behalf? A highly self-sufficient individual might say, "I do all my...

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