Client Testimonials

"Sallie is a talented writer who has been a big help to me by creating key-word rich website content that delivers a solid, fluid presentation. She’s always pleasant and professional, and I highly recommend her as an asset to any agency, Web developer or business."

 ~ Chris Handley, Creative Director, Snowball Creative Group

“Sallie has contributed articles to VIE magazine since 2009, and she has also written for other publications that The Idea Boutique produces on behalf of our clients. No matter the topic, I can always count on Sallie to deliver an impeccable piece on time. Any need (if any exists) for editing is minor. As an interviewer, researcher, and writer, Sallie is a true professional with a clear passion and well-honed talent for her work.”

~ Gerald Burwell, Executive Vice President, Cornerstone Marketing and Advertising, Inc./The Idea Boutique®

“Having contracted Sallie to assist me over several years in developing content for my PR and marketing efforts, I know I can always count on her to help me seal the deal. If she writes a press release, the media pick it up and publish it word for word. That happened numerous times when we worked together on an End Dogfighting Campaign for Greg Norred & Associates and the Atlanta Humane Society. If I ask her to write an article, she delivers a newsworthy piece that the newspaper or magazine publisher runs without editing one word. As the former Director of Marketing for CareMinders of Dunwoody, I easily placed several informational articles written by Sallie in local papers. She has also put words to my ideas for various promotional campaigns. Sallie’s my best-kept secret, but now you know!”

~ Judy Landey, Owner, J. Landey & Associates

“Sallie has written and edited copy for a variety of promotional materials for me over the years and also content for my websites. Whether I give her a rough draft or a few ideas, she delivers just what I have in mind. I highly recommend Write Lady.”

 ~ Betty Van Gerpen, Owner and Founder,  Menders, Inc. and Menders Home Services

“Sallie has been extremely effective in developing engaging, keyword rich content for my insurance agency's website. In addition to writing the business pages, she also created a beautiful, personal tribute to my father and founder of the agency. I recommend hiring Sallie to end the agony over what to say and to end up with messaging that resonates with your prospects and established clients.” 

~ Andy Siegel, CPCU, CICU, AAI, President, Siegel Insurance Agency

"Sallie has developed many targeted communications for our sales and marketing initiatives over the years. By grasping the strategic objective and understanding the audience, she not only delivers what we request in terms of powerful copy, but Sallie also offers up insights that refine and enhance the original plan.” 

~ Joseph Dixon, Founder, On-the-Court Coaching, Sustainability Leadership Forum, and Six Sigma Leadership Forum; Sophie Caballero, Founder, Equilibre

“Sallie has written content for two of my websites, old and new, and she’s the ghostwriter of my monthly newsletter.Sallie is not only a very talented writer, but she can come up with topical ideas and puts them to print. All I do is answer one or a few questions for her, and Sallie runs with the project. She has my voice down pat, so although they’re astonished that I’m so talented, everyone's convinced that I write my own material. If you hire Write Lady, the time and money you invest will be minimal based on what she delivers.She is very diligent in her follow up, and very creative.”  

~ Mark Tyrrell, Co-founder and President, TAPP Lumber Company

"My website is working and [enjoying] a significant client response due to my finding Sallie to get me going forward. Before, I couldn’t phrase how I wanted to express what I do best. She made it happen!" 

~Diana S, Walker, Owner and Founder of Diana S. Walker Interior Design, Houston, TX

“I would not have written my book without the skill and dedication of Sallie Boyles. Initially ‘the writer’ and now my friend, she emphatically developed my story and found the written words to express what I conveyed to her in person.”

~ Richard Dressler, CLU, ChFC, President, Dressler Financial Services; Author, "The Protector, A Father’s insightful and Passionate Journey through Family Crises"

“Sallie Boyles is an exceptionally gifted writer who is not only creative and insightful but an utter joy to work with. I hired Sallie to edit my manuscript, and with her expertise and unwavering encouragement, my book was published soon thereafter. Sallie was a Godsend for me and it was a privilege working with her.”

~ Lesa Osborn, Author, "365 Daze"

“As I embarked into my first attempt to write a book with a public relations colleague, halfway into the process we realized we were stuck. Although we had plenty of experience writing media pitches, news release and bylined articles, we realized we had no experience with writing a book. Then we met Sallie. Not only did she help us get ‘unstuck,’ she offered a way to unite both our voices into one. As we brainstormed with her, she helped us come up with a way to creatively insert each of our own voice into the book. Once we hired Sallie, the process was more streamlined and our writing process was easier for us because we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Sallie has a wonderful ability to edit, and we are thrilled with our final product."

~ Debbie Fitzgerald, President, Fitzgerald PR Inc., Co-Author, "Megaphones Be With You: How Your Organization Can Play the Media Relations Game--and Win"

“Sallie Boyles is a consummate professional whose editing and interpretive skills were essential elements in producing our first book. Her pleasant yet persistent attitude helped us remain focused through the long process, and her thoughtful comments and questions enabled us to sharpen our prose—and our insights--to the benefit of our readers. If you are looking for an editor, I would wholeheartedly recommend Sallie.”

~ Ed Van Herik, President, Van Herik Communications; Co-Author, "Megaphones Be with You: How Your Organization Can Play the Media Relations Game—and Win"

"I truly appreciated Sallie's insight and editorial guidance to help make my memoir Couch Time with Carolyn special and authentic—one that tells the tale about strong, Southern, sassy women known as Carolyn and the Dunwoody Girls."

~ Katie Hart Smith, Author, "Couch Time with Carolyn"

“Sallie was the main editor for my book. She went above and beyond in her dedication to my work. She was an absolute joy to work with and always was professional.”

~ Glenn Cohen, Owner,  I & WE Coaching /Individual, Couples, Business Coaching; Author, "The Journey from 'I-TO-WE'"

“I have used Sallie Boyles of Write Lady both to edit my book Get Your Assets in Gear! Smart Money Strategies and to edit website copy, articles, large distribution emails and a number of promotional pieces. She manages to really make my words stand up and sing without ever losing my voice. She provides wonderfully quick turnarounds and is reasonably priced. I can’t recommend her more highly!”

~ Jan Dahlin Geiger, CFP®, MBA, Author, "Get Your Assets in Gear! Smart Money Strategies"

“Sallie edited my book 'Reframe Your World: Conscious Living in the New Reality.' Her editing is precise and accurate, yet extremely creative. She added a new layer of detail to my work without changing the integrity of the concepts behind it. Thanks, Sallie! We put together a great product!”

~ Jean Adrienne Miller, Author, Healer, Lecturer, InnerSpeak Soul Adventures

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