Professional Ghostwriting Services

What separates the aspiring author (or the self-published author who can't draw an audience) from the professional with highly demanded articles and books?

Commitment and (let’s face it) competence!

Professional Ghostwriter

Whether you’re sitting on a concept, holding onto a manuscript that needs some help, or wondering why people aren't thrilled with your self-published work, Write Lady offers a variety of services that produce top-quality, professional books and articles:

  • Ghostwriting an entire manuscript or sections of the work by conducting interviews, utilizing notes and other documents provided, checking facts, and performing additional research as needed
  • Heavily rewriting or lightly revising the rough draft
  • Editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Offering editorial direction to ensure that the content flows from start to finish in a manner that will engage the target audience
  • Providing professional guidance—from creating an outline to developing a marketing pitch to sell the work—throughout or at any stage

Is Write Lady the right resource to write or edit your book or article?

Most of Write Lady’s clients self-publish, but some submit their work to agents, editors and publishers. All have certain traits in common:

  • Valuable views, subject matter expertise, enlightening experiences, original ideas and captivating stories that are worth sharing with a target audience
  • Commitment to produce a first-rate manuscript
  • Awareness that the quality of the writing reflects upon the author and influences the odds of success
  • Willingness to accept professional criticism and recommendations with the understanding that they have the final word
  • Desire for a professional writer who produces quality references and writing samples
  • Integrity to enter a writing/editing agreement, which defines each party’s expectations and terms, including fees and deadlines, plus Write Lady’s pledge of confidentiality
  • Recognition that no one, including Write Lady, can promise a bestseller

What does Write Lady charge to ghostwrite or edit?

Pricing is relative to a project’s scope. Every job is unique, so the time commitment and other requirements (such as travel) vary with each assignment. Early on, before getting started, Write Lady discloses all fees in a written proposal. Most agreements specify completion of the project according to a schedule with installment payments that coincide with the plan. Retainer agreements and contracts based upon hourly rates with monthly invoicing are also available.

To investigate the possibility of working with Write Lady, please contact Sallie Boyles, a.k.a. Write Lady, for a friendly, complimentary consultation about your book or article.

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