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Combining her marketing experience and writing talent, Sallie Wolper Boyles launched Write Lady Inc. in 2003. Based in Atlanta, Write Lady provides freelance writing and editing services to a wide assortment of clients—aspiring authors, creative and PR agencies, website developers, publishers, business and nonprofit executives, professionals and entrepreneurs—wherever they happen to be.

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A few personal words from Sallie W. Boyles, a.k.a. Write Lady

“What do you write?”

Responding to the first question people ask when I introduce myself as a writer, I typically offer examples of my current projects and then end up saying, “Anything to be read or said.” The answer is true, within reason, because I love playing with words.

Mentioning my crazy love of writing brings up why. Why do I write? My best answer is that I inherited my grandmother’s DNA. I used to wonder why a woman with arthritis would spend so much time writing letters by hand to her extended family members. Yes, we all enjoyed her newsy updates, but I eventually realized that my grandmother composed her anecdotes and shared her personal perspectives to satisfy the journalist within. Oh, she would have loved blogging!

In addition to wearing a journalist's hat, I fulfill my passion through a wide variety of assignments. Some call for me to run wild with creativity; others require sticking to the facts. Arguably, all written content tells a story of sorts, and from my perspective, a well-crafted message (a product of solid research and good composition) engages the desired audience and accomplishes the communicator’s goals.

Thankfully, I thrived in the classrooms of wonderful, old-fashioned English teachers, who drilled the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation and style. I also learned to ask the right questions (in other words, solve problems) from growing up in the retail business my parents established and operated. With the store being our livelihood, I served my first customer when I was eight years old by asking, “How may I help you?” The compulsory question (my mother insisted on the phrasing) not only prompted an open-ended dialogue, but also conveyed my willingness to serve.

My parents imparted essential lessons about running a business, especially in terms of valuing customers. Thousands of times they said, “The customer is always right,” and the mantra guided how we treated shoppers and browsers alike. Their words and teachings stuck, which is why you'll continue to hear me ask, “How may I help you?”

The language and psychology of business always intrigued me, so I earned a Marketing degree from the University of Georgia. Upon graduating, I wasn’t quite ready to settle in my small hometown, so I moved to the big city (Atlanta) for a job in sales. While working, I earned my MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University, and then migrated to consumer marketing. That’s when my inclination to write became an infatuation.

Perfectly content to play with words all day, I ran to any project that entailed writing. Later, when my two children were young, freelancing provided scheduling flexibility plus a variety of jobs.

Before long, however, I realized that the real joy of my work came from learning individuals' stories and understanding what inspires their initiatives and why. Without question, providing the words and facilitating the communications that help my clients succeed is my privilege.

I am forever grateful to my husband Gary (we’ve been married more than three decades) for putting up with me when I get lost in my world of words and “just ten more minutes” typically means another hour (at least) on my computer. No matter what, nothing is more precious than our friends and family, especially our two wonderful, highly accomplished children, now young adults. The beloved canine in the family also deserves a mention since he is my constant companion.

A member of the Rotary Club of Duluth (Communications Chair), I further value the freedom to live in a vital, diverse community of citizens who are committed to doing well and working together to ensure that many future generations enjoy the same opportunities.

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